About us

We love animation! We are a creative technology and production company dedicated to changing the way animation is created, produced, experienced and used. With offices in Los Angeles, Antwerp, and Abu Dhabi.

Our AnimationNow! solution is the most intuitive and practical real-time character animation system in the world. Designed for both ease of use and flexibility, it can accommodate live video, multiple characters and puppeteers, real-time cameras, and much more.

Depending on your needs, we offer the full production of high quality animated content or our solution as components in tailored packages: licenses to the software, a library of characters and movements, and on-site installation, training and support.

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Office in Los Angeles

Located in the heart of the entertainment industry, Wonder Media Group’s Encino offices produce the majority of our story-driven content. Our creative team of animators, artists, writers, and actors guides each project from concept to delivery.

                  Wonder Media, LLC
16530 Ventura Boulevard
                  Encino, CA 91436 - USA

Phone 800 675 4123

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Office in Antwerp

Our Antwerp office is focused on developing creative concepts and pushing the technology forward.

                  Wonder Media Productions BVBA
Hessenplein27, bus 101
2000 Antwerpen - Belgium

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Office in Abu Dhabi

Research and coordination are done through our Dubai offices, where new and exciting applications for AnimationNow! and our unparalleled production pipeline are imagined.

Wonder Media Middle East, FZ LLC
TwoFour54 - Khalifa Park
Park Rotana - office 512B - UAE

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