Our unique technology

Animated characters are an excellent way to communicate with your audience and create emotional connections to drive engagement.

The AnimationNow! team is dedicated to providing real-time character animation tools and solutions for all media.

We offer integrated services, from developing formats and conceiving any characters needed, to creating a fully functional production environment featuring real-time animated characters.

We provide the right set-up for your production, the software and hardware required, an extensive library of animated characters, and on-site installation, training and support.

Different formats

AnimationNow! opens up a wide range of formats for broadcast, events, and online content.

Real-time animated characters can interact with a live audience or be integrated with video in any broadcast-quality TV format. AnimationNow! is the most intuitive and practical real-time character animation system in the world. Designed for both ease of use and flexibility, it can accommodate live video, multiple characters and puppeteers, real-time cameras, and much more. All of this can be accomplished at unsurpassed production turnaround speed.

Loveland, a dating show format

Loveland is a new spin on the classic dating show. Three contestants try to win a date, but they have to show themselves as an avatar of their choice. One by one the avatars are deleted until the contestant behind the last avatar is revealed. Through AnimationNow! technology, both the contestants and the audience see the animated avatars in real time. The format is distributed by Absolutely Independent and is a collaboration with Tom Gutteridge/Standing Stone.


We offer an extensive selection of characters to get you started. Every character comes with a library of movements and expressions and can be customized. We can also build your own unique character based on your existing designs.

If you already own a character or design, we can bring it to life. AnimationNow! allows us to develop animated mascots or celebrities quickly in beautiful broadcast-quality 3D. Once the character has been created in our system, it can be animated in real-time to operate at live events or star in original animations.

Characters based on cartoons, real people, animals, or even inanimate objects are welcome! AnimationNow! can support multiple characters at the same time, all controlled in real time.

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