Wonder for education

Animation has always been an excellent teaching tool! Animated characters provide engaging role models to communicate appropriate behavior and teach worthwhile lessons. Children easily accept messages from what they see as peer friends.

Produced with AnimationNow!, the WonderGroveLearn education series is a powerful teaching tool used in classrooms in the USA and other countries. The series features animated characters who model appropriate academic, social emotional skills and critical thinking skills for children ages 4-8.

WonderGrove consists of 2 components: WonderGrove Learn targeted to the education community and Wondergrove Play to the home market as an extension to the Learn environment.

Powerful solutions for
Educators and Parents

The WonderGroveLearn education website features engaging animated characters, who model appropriate classroom behaviors and social and emotional skills.

We have produced over 200 instructional animations with more than 1600 printable extension lessons to address social emotional learning. The lessons are aligned to the US educational standards (CCSS) and cover 8 areas of learning: school readiness, life skills, social skills, health, nutrition, safety, fitness and creative play.

Fun for kids!

WonderGrove Play is the one-stop kid- friendly hub for all of our young viewers’ favorite games and videos. WonderGrove Play is free to use and features the same beloved animated characters that kids know from WonderGrove Learn. The site features videos, music, and interactive fun!

Habits of mind

Founded by Arthur Costa and Bena Kallick, the Habits of Mind are 16 dispositions that empower creative and critical thinking. For over 30 years, professionals and students of higher education around the world have used the 16 habits to be successful in school and in life.

Through our partnership with the Institute for the Habits of Mind, we have combined the Habits of Mind with the WonderGrove characters, bringing these invaluable skills to children ages 4 to 8 and providing them with enduring tools for academic success.

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